A poignant poster designed by Olamide from my class on “women and writing in East Asia:” the peony flower represents the romantic play The Peony Pavilion we read this semester. The borders of the peony petals as ropes symbolize social constraints upon women. The yin yang diagram in blue and pink as the pistel and the stamen of the flower symbolize the two sexes. The two celebrity icons– a sexy girl and a good girl– represent public images of successful women.



One Piece

In this class on east asian novels and theory of fiction, we not only discussed Chinese novels on outlaws and monsters, theory of fiction, but studied together students’ favorite manga and novels such as One Piece and Tolkien’s Ainulindalë.

Here is a presentation on One Piece. She was drawing the map of its imaginary world divided into four oceans. She was so excited that she could give a presentation on her favorite book that she read for fun, and she found obvious thematic connections between the manga and the Chinese novels we read.