Early Globalism and China’s Literature

I have been working on a Cambridge Element, co-author with Victor Mair, titled Early Globalism and China’s Literature , to be published by Cambridge University Press.

This short book offers six fascinating case studies on the ways China’s literature and art were involved in early globalism from the Han dynasty to the Yuan dynasty. Cases include Buddhist translation and vernacularization, The importance of transformation texts for the history of Chinese literature, Inter-Asian Deities in the early story cycle of “Journey to the West,” Race and Ethnicity in Chinese Literature, Central Asian Horses in Chinese poetry and Art, and Asian variants of the Cinderella story. These instances showcase early globalization of China’s literature and art.

Grants and Awards

  • This project has been awarded HKD $180,000 of the Faculty Research Grant of Lingnan University to ensure its completion and publication.

Related Publications

In 2022, a teaching essay “Chinese Literature and the World: Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties” is published on MLA Teaching Volume: The Global Middle Ages edited by Geraldine Heng. To read more, click here.