I am assistant professor of Chinese and comparative literature at University of Georgia. My research interests include late imperial Chinese fiction, drama, and transnational  history of late imperial China. My first book is entitled Writing the Piracy War: Unofficial History, Vernacular Fiction, and the Problem of Imperial Identity in Late Ming China (1550-1644). This monograph examines how late Ming Chinese scholars and officials composed unofficial histories and vernacular fiction to narrate outlaws, pirates, immigrants, and foreign languages and peoples on the seas.

I am working on two new book-length projects. One is about affect in late imperial Chinese fiction, and the other is about Chinese literature and migration in the Indian Ocean.


Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania, 2013

Exchange Scholar, Yale University, 2009-2010

MA, Columbia University, 2006

MA, University of British Columbia, 2004

BA, Nankai University, 2002