About Me


Welcome to my professional webpage! My name is Yuanfei Wang. I am a scholar of Chinese literature and comparative literature. I received a Ph.D in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania, and I was an SSRC postdoctoral fellow of transregional research (Inter-Asian Connection and Context) at Columbia University. Currently, I am visiting scholar at the University of Southern California, holding a SSRC (Social Science Research Council) Short-Residency Grant.

My academic research interests include but are not limited to: medieval and early modern globalism and China’s literature, Chinese historiography and travelogues of Southeast Asia and Japan, race and ethnicity, pirates and the sea, material and visual culture, late imperial women’s literature, translation studies, cross-cultural exchange in premodern times.

Please feel free read more about my Books, the GlobalMiddleAges Series, Peer-Review Journal Articles, and Digital Projects. Read Recent Posts to see my most current updates.

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